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I’ll be your Sanctuary –
respite from battle cries.
Just lay your weapons at my feet
and you may close your eyes.
I’ll keep you safe behind my shield
until the klaxon sound
commands us Wake and gather arms –
return to battleground.

You are my Sanctuary –
all fears I shall discard.
My burden borne on shoulders strong,
to you I yield my guard.
You hold me close and raise my breath
and soul above the sea
until again the world collapses,
ending our reprieve.
There is no Sanctuary –
when here remains just one.
I fight alone in fields of fire,
assailed by sword and gun.
Without you here to take my hand
and bring a moment’s peace,
I face a never-ending battle –
War that cannot cease.
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How to kill a witch
Just add water
and slowly stir,
or drop a house
on top of her.
A stake and a match
will do just as well;
there are myriad  ways
to send her to Hell.
Chop off her head.
Try a drowning.
Or just give her a hug
and forget the whole thing.
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Auto Math
4 collapsed hydraulic motor mounts
3 car doors that will not open from the inside
2 run-flat tires punctured by screws
1 hairline crack in a manifold
I’m buying a bicycle
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Poor Ella.
Trapped in a one-sided conversation
with her new husband’s sister.
“You work? That’s stupid.
With welfare and food stamps,
I watch T.V. all day.”
And there goes Uncle Jake -
Watch him drag the back of his hand across her ass
as he squeezes past her
on his way outside to smoke weed.
“Sorry, Sugar. It’s a little tight in here.”
Little Jeffrey stabs her hard in the back
with a plastic sword.
Her new father-in-law
screams at his young second wife
when he learns she made macaroni salad
instead of potato.
Poor Ella.
Her hubbie won’t save her.
He’s hiding in the den,
watching the ball game
with the dogs.
But she’ll learn.
A few more holidays
and she’ll realize
that the safest place
is in the corner
with those of us who married into
those of us who ignored advice
to meet the whole family
before saying
“I do.”
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The last riddle I ever tell
Knock, Knock.
 Who's there?
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I am your coin
I am your coin
and so
you will suffer me in silence
now go
cook something
I'm hungry
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A Drop of Blood
a drop of blood
a broken twig
a shallow print -
    I am close now
a crushed leaf
a furtive gasp
a whispered cry -
    I am right behind you
a gaping mouth
a pleading eye
a single tear -
    my dear
    it is over now
    I win
:iconoodajunkie:oodajunkie 2 2
In the yard stood an ash tree one hundred feet tall
looking down on two pines by the opposite wall.
They worshipped his size. They were both very small.
Then one day when great winds joined beetles and rot,
the ash struggled to stand but, sadly, could not,
and he fell to the feet of the pine trees, distraught
for he's just four feet tall, now his side is his top.
:iconoodajunkie:oodajunkie 1 0
In the holding of children
In the holding of children
there is great pain
that comes with the letting go.
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Creature by oodajunkie Creature :iconoodajunkie:oodajunkie 3 0 Bunny Coloring Page by oodajunkie Bunny Coloring Page :iconoodajunkie:oodajunkie 0 0 Bunny by oodajunkie Bunny :iconoodajunkie:oodajunkie 0 0


Indentured Serenity
i take my seat on the throne
King of the ant mound
Futile, save the humor
i hold no power
Just an enigmatic vestige
in the shadow of the queen
Under this sweet blanket of omnipotence
i break out
in and of hives
We are one...
of mass hysteria and Stockholme Syndrome.
Tyranny and treason
Where opposites attract in symmetrical mutiny
The life of my love
cut short by infatuation
Reduced to faith, hope
and masochistic self-preservation
Welcome to the gray line division
of suicide and assassination
An apex of conflict
and my greatest creation.
-The Zax
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Traveling Silences
How silence attacks—
like a tsunami of
empty boxes within boxes
without the boxes,
an empty house we’ve
lived in for years.
What our life becomes
without us in it
is a foreign country
with strange customs
for tipping.
We pack for the trip
to San Sombrero by not saying
what we pretend to feel,
your face no longer in my mind.
When distance arrives, like air
surrounding air suffocating air,
you avoid eye contact
to the sound of tribal drums,
a ceremonial dance,
some elegant cannibalism.
The moon breaks again
into your eyes that won’t
start following me
around the room
like one hand reaching
for another hand
pulling back,
but you appear to have managed nicely
between threats of suicide:
“I just want all this,”
as you sweep your arms
entirely apart to everything,
“to go away.”
:iconthe-melancholies:the-melancholies 2 0
Nickels And Dimes
Angels precariously perched in higher places
So many falling down, from the sound of it, these star-spangled inhumane races
I guess I just never got the message, learned the basis
Many faces ashamed, the guilty unafraid, we play basic
And play largely, there's no karma in our footsteps
I'll talk wisdom all I want, I know I haven't gotten my foot wet, yet
I don't believe the mirror, it shows me only one side of the true
If I'm the only way to prove myself right, why listen to any of you?
Maybe it's lying, we're flying through space and time
Concerned with who we love, and who's getting the nickels and dimes
Who peeling rinds? Who stood the restless tests of signs?
That nothing ever matters, who all is ready to die?
Not me; we don't believe, the same things, I mean
Not free, until I feel my shoulders carry lighter boulders
I see, nothing but Hell from the Heavens that y'all claim to reach
Nobody's teaching, they talk of yesteryear when times were only colder
Your words don't apply anymor
:icondrannonymous:DrAnnonymous 4 0
The Goldilocks Zone
The box garden speaks of its newly dead.
Here stands one adherent to the sun,
blackened into straw from a single frost.

The basil must have lived like a charm
to culminate here, in a pinewood shallow,
fronds fleeing the celestial division
under a delicacy of watersheds and warmth;
the temperance of a trillion conspiracies.
It still tongues the lips of a breeze.
I fondle it in memoriam,
give it back its colour.
Look now! It smolders,
rare as fiery moldavite
exploding in an amulet,
a vein that bares your breast to the cold;
how different you used to be.
:iconspoems:spoems 25 21
We Three by Amalus We Three :iconamalus:Amalus 17 3



Back and forth, active and not, here then there. Playing with WordPress for my writing and art. But something is missing: the special awesomeness of the deviantart crowd. All y'all rock. 

New avatar, new bio
A focus on poetry
A new me?
We'll see.


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Melanie Lewis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I wield Words and Art
to fight the part
of my life that demands
to be played
in the key
of A minor.

Damned music,
you should be salvation
but instead
are temptation unresisted.

Call me, sweet chords,
and I shall enter the shadows
where Sad and Tragic play.


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